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Company Information 

All transactions made by the Noble, without exception, are checked for AML and other regulatory compliance. This is primarily undertaken through the Company’s state of the art and updated IT systems and also manually cross-checked by the Company’s compliance officers.  
In the case of Pakistan, the money received for remittance from the individual clients by the Noble is transferred to the Banks in Pakistan with which the Noble has a distribution arrangement. The Bank conducts necessary AML checks of the recipients, undertakes the delivery of the money to recipients, after establishing their proper identity.

Noble also provides a competitive and economical platform, through the provision of special rates, to Small and Medium Enterprises and Small entrepreneurs by providing them very efficient services at competitive transactional rates on remittances of money through FTT/FDD for import/export business purposes.

Competitiveness of the Company
The Company operates under the direct supervision of the owner directors and is fairly competitive as compared to its immediate competitors. The overheads and fixed expenses are low and savings are passed to the customers in form of low margins. It is therefore economical for the customers to use the services of Noble. 

Strengths of the Noble
The Noble is an established name and also enjoys its creditability in the ethnic minority community especially from Pakistan. The Company has a fairly large regular customer base. The company trades under the trade name of ‘Noble e-remittance’.

Client Testimonials

Habib Khan

Haniya Ahmed

I've been a customer of Noble Money Transfer for the last 6 years and their professional and customer focused approach makes them the best money transfer company on the high road. Their friendly staff makes sure that my money reaches my loved ones back home with no hassle and instantly.

'Noble Money Transfer' I think it is one of the most trustworthy money transfer companies I have used so far. With no hidden charges, I get value for my money and my parents get their money every month on time. I have recommend Noble to all my friends and family.

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